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Every year Southwest Florida property owners pay taxes based on their county assessment. If the property is assessed higher than its true value, you will end up paying more property taxes than you should, but it won't appraise for that much when you sell it. If your property is under-valued in its appraisal, you could actually get a lower selling price if or when you want to sell it, as buyers can be influenced by the county assessment. By and large, most properties are over-valued in the assessment, and therefore over-taxed. Statistics say that as many as 60% of all properties in USA are over-valued, while only 1% of them challenge their valuations.


The county appraisals might indeed be accurate, but county assessments are often performed by considering the value of properties in a large area. These "mass referrals" can often fail to take into account the uniqueness of individual properties. They evaluate an entire county or neighborhood based on common criteria, and we both know there are houses of the same size in your neighborhood that would be worth more or less based on a variety of factors. Letting the county assessment of your home's worth be the final word may be costing you real money.


If you suspect the county appraisal of your property in Lee County, Florida or Collier County, Florida has been inaccurate, you can appeal it. The word "appeal" may sound like it's fraught with legal hardship, but it's actually quite simple, and the process is streamlined and frequently quite effective. Getting a professional appraisal is key. An appraisal will determine if your appeal is substantiated by an objective analysis, and will arm you with the documentation you need. You can, of course, re-evaluate your property yourself and pursue the entire process based on that re-evaluation, but it's an unbiased appraisal, conducted as an arms-length transaction (no conflict of interest) that is the most effective form of documentation. One of the most reliable methods used to evaluate the value of properties is to analyze the selling prices of similar properties sold in the same area within the recent past. Some of the criteria used to identify properties that are similar to yours are building area, type of construction, location, quality of the construction and even styles. These are all factors that a Certified Residential Appraiser is trained to evaluate and compare accurately. The cost is reasonable, and the work is done for you.


The appraisal report created by the appraiser will be submitted to the Lee County or Collier County board for review. The appraiser's credentials and reputation are backing the data in the report. Get a Certified Residential Appraiser (CRA)! A report provided by a Florida-licensed professional appraiser, documenting your home's appraised value, makes it easier for the board to trust the claims of your appeal. The first step is the appraisal. Use our quick Start Appeal Form, e-mail us, or complete our online application for appraisal to simply get the ball rolling. Why wait? The money you can save in reduced property taxes (and a lower house payment) can be many times more than the modest fee for a competent appraisal.

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